Our Recommended SMART DNS for UK TV in Spain

Access blocked websites
1. Click on the SmartyDNS Banner above
2. Select “Start Now”
3. Choose your SmartyDNS pricing package
4. Select Payment method, and create your SmartyDNS account
5. Check your emails for account creation confirmation (the emails may be in your “junk” or “spam” folders)
6. In your SmartyDNS account Dashboard, go to Packages
7. Click on your package.
8. Click on the Smart DNS tab.
8. Validate your IP Address.
10. Make a note of the DNS numbers, as these will be used later when setting the SmartDNS service on your Sky Digibox.


(you will have to do revalidate your IP Address this every time your internet connection or router is reset. This is because when reset, you will be allocated another IP address by your internet provider, which needs to be validated on SmartyDNSs system before it will work)